Membership Application

  1. The membership of the Society shall consist of:
      (a) Ordinary Members
      (b) Associate Members
      (c) Corresponding Members
      (d) Honrary Members
      (e) Corporate Members

  2. Ordinary Members shall be accredited Cardiologists and Cardiovascular Surgeons.
    Anaesthetists, Radiologists, Pharmacologists and Pathlogists whose practice or research involves Cardiovascular Medicine are also eligible. Accreditation shall be based on criteria set by the Ministry of Health or Academy of Medicine.

  3. Associate Members shall be medical practitioners who hold a registrable qualification, trainees in Cardiology and Cardiovascular surgery and healthcare workers and others involved in Cardiovascular medicine.

  4. Corresponding Members shall be specialists in Cardiovascular Medicine residing outside Singapore who have close links with the Society and who are elected by the Council of the Society.

  5. Honorary Members shall be distinguished persons who have rendered notable services to the Society or to the advancement of Cardiology in Singapore and are recommended by the Council and elected by a majority at a General Meeting.

  6. Corporate Members shall be any pharmaceutical, medical and surgical equipment companies that have an interest in Cardiovascular Medicine and had rendered notable services to the Society.

  7. Ordinary, Associate, Corresponding and Corporate Membership shall be acquired by application to the Secretary and this shall be expeditiously considered by the Council of the Society.

Membership Subscription
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